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Elite Core HS-10 Modular EarSet System for Wireless Systems

Elite Core Audio

Elite Core HS-10 Modular EarSet System for Wireless Systems

$209.99 $314.99

The Elite Core HS-10 earset microphone kit is the ultimate all-in-one package for use in almost any situation. With this system, you’ll find two complete microphones, ready to be configured according to your specific application’s needs. 

An omni-directional polar pattern makes this mic extremely versatile. It can be used on the left ear, right ear, clipped as a label, or at the hairline as a wig mic. The miniature arm and head size gives the microphone and extremely low profile – allowing it to virtually disappear while in use. 

Every HS-10 comes with two different size boom arms – standard and short. The standard boom measures right at 3.75”, making it the desired length for most applications. The short boom clocks in at around 2.5”, creating the perfect size for use in children’s theater or as a wig mic. 

The HS-10 features 3 different sized earpieces – small, medium, and large. These earpieces are easily detachable and quickly interchangeable. The medium and large earpieces are perfect for most adult head sizes, and the small earpiece keeps the microphone snug and secure on any child or petit presenter. 

The HS-10 comes with 2 cables of your choice, with options from dozens of the most popular manufacturers. Chances are high that no matter which wireless system you own, the HS-10 will work flawlessly. 
  • 2 tan, lightweight microphones (1 long-boom, 1 short-boom)
  • 2 sets of Small, Medium & Large Earpieces
  • 2 windscreens
  • 2 Cable clips
  • 2 cables for wireless transmitters
Choose from AKG, Audio-Technical, Audix, Beyer, Mipro, Nady, Lectrosonics, Peavey, Samson, Shure, Sennheiser, Sony, Telex, or Vega.


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